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Burning hearts

Abandon by everyone, my soul became one with your love. This cold and grey world is not enough for us. I smiled upon all the pain with heart full of grief and bitterness, and found you. it is not anything you have within you that made me need you, it is what we feel that made me keep you. But still, my need can't be defined by anything, but love for you. So I please you this time, just accept me loving you to your very naked core. Just as naked and ashamed as our love is... For when I gaze through your eyes I find you would burn to give me more than you can, and so do I burn for! There was a moment when I listened to your every heart beat and the way you breathe. The sounds I heard weren't just for me to know the taste of your heart, and the heaviness of your breath. They were something that reminded me that I too am, breathing at same moment the air you breath, and that my heart beats just next to yours with same love pumping through our bodies. I know you came to your age where feeling useless and obsolete might give you sadness that you cover it up with a veil of anger. I seen it in your eyes today, and only I know is that you nether are useless to me, nor obsolete, so there is no need for anger when you feel unsure what to do to me. For I never will mistake your uncertainty for anger, or your feelings of making more for us with hopelessness. Maybe, this all you read now seems to you as something that I missed, but that all is what I have seen within your eyes... Now, this day is coming to an end, and this night is somehow sacred to me. I can lay in bed and sleep through night remembering your heart beat and fall asleep with knowing that just for a moment, yours heart burnt in same flame as did mine. This harsh life and it material hideous face really is heavy. Now days, it is not possible to live through honor and grace of old days, those you remember and those that my father has made me live for. The truth is, nothing makes me happy but you... I wish this is faith, for I can't see with the eyes of the Gods, but I would love it to be faith, for I secretly live sometimes only for us two... And even if I know how bitter one day it will end for me. I know that, I will never stop loving you, neither death can erase that love from me, only it can turn it in bitterness and endless emptiness, as death always does. So please! Do not be afraid... I am ready even for that, even I think I am... When your spirit sees me crying, just come and wipe off my tears by the hands of the wind at that faithful moment, and I will know that you just want me to be happy... So I will try to. Have my love, to the end... For, my heart is that wild that it can only be given freely to one who makes it burn, and you did... By just that way of watching at me with shimmering glaze at the tip of your blue eyes...

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