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The wolf gaze

While the frost was hugging the branches of pine trees, the moon hung high above clouds, silently listening to whispers of white, strong wolf to his pretend to be true love. Every last of his words was broken by his love's silent and warm gaze to his eyes. Her's black fur was coated with crystallized and pale moonlight. She was never gazing at him for she needed to feel sure, but for knowing that he hides it. That slight and deep spark in his eyes is every wound at his soul hidden from her. The lone and deep shadow at the end of his stare was his loneliness for which she has the same within her. He knows not that it void is there inside of her for as long as her soul exists. She saw those vulnerable wrinkles beneath his eyes, and at them, she seen uneasy life, constant responsibilities, tiredness... That told her, he can't stand alone the storm, and that he needs a friend with whom he will become the storm. This is what it takes to be the leader of the pack. The last she saw was weaknesses hung upon his eyelashes. He is only weak if he deeply loves someone. So she gave to her gaze more glow, and asked him, while cuddling besides his warm neck: "How deep that loneliness of your's goes?" "It has no end, and neither no begging. I carry it from the moment I was born, and I will carry it to my grave." "If you share your loneliness with me, it will leave you, so then you won't have to carry it to your death." "That is not easy my dear... But I will try." He now started with his stare at her black and deep eyes. He tried to see the same she saw at him, but he felt warmth of love and touch of her sadness deeply hidden inside her eyes. She tried to hide this so well, and at the end, he have seen the yearning on the surface of her eye glow. She asked with tender shiver at her voice: "Can you promise me this will last for ever?" "No. I can only promise that as long as our hearts beat with each other, we will be the one." "Then I can promise you that my spirit will always belong only to your grace..." The gaze again continued, prolonged with sweet questions and adorable fears. Both had them, but both hid them away, so that love could win and last for ever. Both of them were afraid of different things, but both trusted more in the perfect silence of their gaze, than to just stories of other unhappy loves they got within them, or seen beside them. They known how real this all is, for they haven't sensed their blood is boiling, but they sensed deep peace and compassion which Gods have gave them for their centuries of sacrifice for greater good to this World.

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